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Get your hairline Jokes from the Slapbot

A bot that will privately suggest the perfect phrase to help you be at your funniest or sweetest.

Appreciation SUGGESTIONS

I Appreciate You Like...

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I appreciate you like

Boi, Your Hairline looks like...

Hairline Jokes...

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Jokes about your hair

I love you more than...

I you more than...

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I appreciate you like

Tongue Twisters

Tongues Twisters

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I bet you can’t say these challenging tongues twisters! Not just for kids,
tongue twisters are also used by anyone who wants to speak clearly


I'll Slap You So Hard...

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It slapped you so hard...Jokes
Its a Keyboard app,
so it works everywhere.
All powerful slapbot chat app
All powerful slapbot chat app
All Apps

The Slabot keyboard app is compatible with any messaging app that supports pasting an image or text from the keyboard. Includes the most Popular applications such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Line, Wechat, Whatsapp and many more.
Chat bot team: Wicked, but fun
JacksonDouglasFisher JacksonDouglasFisher
Jackson Douglas Fisher
Amazing writer of humorous articles, plays, and sketches. Actor and performer of live stand up and improv. Jackson would love to write more content for you. Contact him:
Kerstin Fischer Art JacksonDouglasFisher
Kerstin Fischer
Amazing sketch work, illustrations, and paintings for any size project! Have Kerstin sketch something up for you. You can contact here via her personal website or via Twitter
Mark M. Scott Mark M. Scott
Mark M. Scott
Talented Data Governance expert, Graphic Designer, and Storyteller.Mark is the troubled mind behind Conflict Games' series of books, maps, apparel and accessories as well as the all powerful Slapbot.Twitter:
Dhruv Khatr ios programmer Dhruv Khatr ios programmer
Dhruv Khatr ios programmer
Dhruv Khatr is a professional iOS and VR/AR developer,designer and digital Tinker.Dhruv is available for freelance projects and can be reached at
 6:42 AM
Ahmed Shahid Ahmed Shahid
Ahmed Shahid's profile
Experience Senior Software Engineer with both iOS/Android apps. Ahmed's services are now available for freelance projects via Upworks! Contact him: Ahmed's Profile
Be funny, be sweet, be slap-tastic.
Tug on their heart strings
and make them laugh!

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