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Slapbots contains uproarious and engaging jokes, phrases, and one-liners with corresponding images and media content around comedic one-liners and sweetheart phrases. With content created by American and British comedians, the product’s focus is on engaging young adults.

At its technical core, the Slapbot is a versatile API, rooted in Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, C#, and Azure, the API provides the flexibility to share its content in many ways. In fact, the API is offered publicly to other developers and companies through RapidAPI.com. Provisional access starts a few bucks a month and developers and companies can easily integrate the slapbot content into their artificial intelligence (A.I.), apps, or chatbots.

The first use of the content comes in the form of the Slapbot Keyboard app for iOS and Android devices. The app puts hundreds of these comedic one-liners and sweetheart phrases in your hands to use during texting and social media posting. The app will privately suggest the perfect phrases to help anyone be at their funniest or at their very sweetest.

To bring its comedic chops to larger audiences worldwide, the Slapbot’s content and technology will also move into the chatbot and AI arena very soon. If you want to know a little bit more about what APIs are and how they work, here are some great sites on that topic:
All routine brand and product identity materials are available here. If you have specific requirements, please contact support@slabot.com

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The Slap Heard Across The Internet: Hilarious New API Menaces With A Laugh
Please Release Date: 4-10-2014
Contact: mscott@Slapbot.com
Phone: 845-499-6467
Conflict Games llc
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Conflict Games LLC is a New York-based company dedicated to producing delightful content for storytellers, gamers, and writers. With a specialty in tabletop roleplaying games, supplements, battle maps, and game accessories, Conflict Games LLC has a reputation for both quality and innovation.

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